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Formal dresses tumblr

Until recently, classic suits were considered only business clothes and worn only on special occasions.

Today, when in the fashion industry there is a clear blending of stylistics, the costumes are no longer so unambiguous. They are complemented not only by business and solemn images, but also used as the main style element in the casual image.

Not surprisingly, fashion designers actively try to diversify the modern lineup of costumes, supplementing it with very unusual combinations. What styles of costumes did the designers of the trendy society enjoy this season and what is the obvious advantage of these outfits?

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Features and benefits of formal dresses tumblr

The main advantage of modern models of classical costumes is that they combine several important features at once. So, regardless of the style and cut, they are always practical, since this characteristic is predetermined by the classics. Such an outfit imparts elegance and sophistication to any image, and these features were valued by a person at all times. In addition, this outfit is suitable for everyone, without exception, the main thing is just to choose the right style and size.

And the range of costumes is so diverse now that you can choose styles that will not only perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also fully comply with the latest fashion trends. A variety of colors will please conservatives with monotony, and extraordinary personalities – the brightness and abundance of prints.

In addition, you can choose absolutely any combination, ranging from trousers with jackets, finishing with tops with a skirt. Considering the above, its not at all strange that classical costumes have recently become very popular. What models of costumes do experts recommend paying special attention this season?

formal dresses tumblr is a fashion trend

Especially popular in this season are models of classic costumes in a sports style. They stand out among other small inserts on the sleeves, which differ in texture and contrast favorably with the overall background of the product.

There are these models that can be seen in the collections of Marco de Vinchenzo and DKNY. But eminent designers Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana and Roland Mouret decided to dilute the severity of their costumes with stylish decorative elements in the form of lightning.

For tailoring, designers decided to use a variety of materials, ranging from knitwear and costume fabrics, ending with velvet, jeans, guipure and leather. The most popular shades in the classical color range are black, blue, white and brown, and in bright and unusual colors – red, yellow, pink, orange and green. What features are different costumes designed for different images?

formal dresses tumblr

Usually such models consist of straight trousers with or without an arrow and a jacket. Instead of trousers the set can be supplemented with a classic skirt of medium length. Decorative elements on such models of costumes are either completely absent, or are present at a minimum in the form of brooches, buttonholes and shallow notches. The color spectrum is usually neutral, pastel, or dark classical.

For girls and women

For the everyday female image designers regularly develop original models of costumes. In this season, the most popular were mixed combinations, consisting immediately of several types of fabric – fur and leather, jeans and textiles, velvet and guipure, cotton and tweed. The costume elements differ in originality not only in texture, but also in cut. The most popular now are formal dresses tumblr with asymmetrical skirts and shortened jackets, as well as shortened trousers and elongated jackets.

For teenagers

Even classic models of costumes for teens differ in modern cut. They can be tight and tight, as most often the figure of a teenager allows you to wear just such models, and prints are supplemented much more often by adult models. As a decor, chains and leather inserts on elbows and sleeves can act. The color scheme usually goes bright, although the classical variations of shades are not ruled out.

How to choose proper formal dresses tumblr

When choosing a formal dresses tumblr, fashion experts advise, first of all, to focus on the features of their shape and appearance:

  1. It is better for a tall girls to visually divide the silhouette in half with the help of an elongated jacket and trousers or a skirt to the middle of the knee.
  2. Girls of short stature are better to choose suits with shortened jackets and skirts to the knee or tight pants.
  3. Ladies with fluffy thighs should choose suits with a jacket to the middle of the thigh and a skirt or straight cut trousers.
  4. Girls with a busty bust can come up with a costume model with a Basque jacket.


Particular attention should be paid to the width and length of the sleeve. If you can not boast of tightened hands, choose models of jackets with a long and straight sleeves, but avoid short sleeves. Remember that a miniature collar always makes the figure more accurate.

If you choose a warm costume model on a lining, please note that it should fit freely on the main product. Otherwise, you risk quickly breaking the lining.

With what to wear your formal dresses tumblr

But to combine formal dresses tumblr designers are advised with other classic outfits. In a business image, a blouse or a stylish shirt that harmonizes in color with the kit will be appropriate. As shoes ideal for classic shoes – boat shoes.

In the image of everyday, you do not need to wear a complete suit. Jacket can be combined with jeans and shirts, and trousers or skirts – with turtlenecks and sweaters. The choice of shoes depends on the overall style of the image.

Stylish images of formal dresses tumblr

Harmony in any image is always helped to make accessories. To the solemn image it is better to choose the most elegant and stylish bag – clutch. To the casual image and business will suit traditional ladies handbags. Decoration is better to choose a classic costume is not too flashy. They should only become a beneficial addition to the image, and not close it whole.